Comic art: Neal Adams and Dick Giordano "Batman: Stacked Cards" Power Records cover, 1975

New Music Friday April 6, 2018: Love; Supremes; Elvis Presley; Johnny Cash; Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong; Don Gibson

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Pop Culture Roundup: Frank Thorne; Lone Ranger; the Shadow; Steve Ditko

Diversions of the Groovy Kind spotlights Frank Thorne's artwork on Korak, Son of Tarzan. Nice stuff. I wish Dark Horse, or somebody, would re-print it along with John Buscema's Tarzan run for Marvel.


Plaid Stallions shares this awesome toy ad. I owned this Lone Ranger figure (and Tonto, too!):


More from Diversions of a Groovy Kind: Original Michael W. Kaluta art for the Shadow.


Via Destination Nightmare: Steve Ditko illustrates "The Land That Time Forgot."