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Captain America statue unveiled at San Diego Comicon

A statue of Captain America, to be placed in Brooklyn as a tribute to the character's fictional roots and his New York-born creators Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, was unveiled at Comicon in San Diego this week:

See Steranko's NEW Captain America comics cover

In honor of the hero's 75th anniversary, veteran comics artist Jim Steranko has provided a cover for Marvel's current Sam Wilson: Captain America title, out March 7.

Promo for Marvel's Captain America TV special, airing with "Agent Carter" season season 2 debut

From his first appearance in 1941 through the 75 years that would follow, Captain America has been one of--if not the most--influential comic book characters ever to be created. Take a look back at the history of this beloved Marvel character and see how his influence continues to have impact today in the original special, “Marvel’s Captain America: 75 Heroic Years,” airing Tuesday, January 19th on ABC.