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Pop Focus: The Supremes at 50!

After being considered Motown's "no-hit" group, the Supremes hit the charts with five consecutive number one records starting in June, 1964.

"Where Did Our Love Go" was followed by "Baby Love" in October, then “Come See About Me” in December, “Stop! In the Name of Love” in March 1965 and “Back in My Arms Again,” May 1965.

Here was an American group -- American girl group, for that matter -- that presented more than a match to the Beatles when it came to making great hit records.

I'm a big fan of the group and they were my gateway into all the great 1960s music on Motown: Martha and the Vandellas, the Marvelettes, Marvin Gaye, the Temptations and Four Tops, etc. All fantastic stuff.

Below is a visual celebration of the mid- to late 1960s Supremes, before the group fragmented and Diana Ross went solo.

Check out their appearance below on Ron Ely's "Tarzan" TV series!

Supremes bread!

With Ed Sullivan.

With Lucky Luke!

With the Small Faces!

With Paul McCartney!