Comic book new releases Feb. 24, 2010

Batman TV show pics

Pop links: Kirby collage! Doc Savage movie (a new one)! More!

CD new releases Feb. 23, 2010: Johnny Cash, Joanna Newsom, Ali Farka Toure, Hard to Find 45s, Justice League, Gentle Giant, Was Not Was

DVD new releases Feb. 23, 2010: Justice League Crisis on Two Earths, The Informant, Nurse Jackie, Adam-12, Flash Forward, My Three Sons, British Film Noir, Forgotten Noir

Bat fans

Vintage DC Comics house ad

Pop links: Rare Wally Wood story, see a preview for the new Doctor Who

Beatles' studio NOT for sale

Vintage comic book ad: The Shadow

Pop links: Sci-fi heroes better Tiger Woods, Jose Garcia-Lopez art

Vintage DC Comics house ad: Junior Justice Society of America

Pop links: Captain America (sort of)! Hembeck!