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Flaming Lips issue new songs on USB drive buried inside a gummi skull

The Flaming Lips has released four new songs on a USB drive buried inside a life-size gummi skull.

Via Pitchfork:

As announced on his Twitter, Coyne himself hand-delivered the gummi skulls to Oklahoma record store Guestroom Records yesterday (at 4:20 p.m., on April 20, wink wink). The USB drive contained four new songs, two of which, "Drug Chart" and "In Our Bodies, In Our Heads", are available to listen to over at Playful Prairie. (The other two are called "Walk With Me" and "Hillary's Time Machine Machine", apparently.) Coyne and the Lips Tweeted some images and video of what these wacky things look like, too (including some visceral shots of a skull getting bitten into).

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Via Dangerous Minds:

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