Steve Ditko Week: Ditko's Spider-Man Up Close!

These scans of original art from Steve Diko's Spider-Man run allow us to see up-close details of his art!

Video find: Classic-style Superman Bizarro cartoon

Here's a second 1940s-influenced Superman fan cartoon by Disney animator Robb Pratt, this one featuring Bizarro.

We ran Pratt's first Super-toon last year, but here it is again. DC should pay Pratt to produce more of these.

Farewell Andy Griffith

The beloved TV star Andy Griffith has passed away at age 86. Before he was Sheriff Andy Taylor on "The Andy Griffith Show," the actor made a name for himself with his folksy stand-up comedy routines. Here is one of his best-known, featuring illustrations by cartoonist Jack Davis.

New comics July 4, 2012: Batman Earth One; Showcase Presents Showcase; Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes, more!

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Batman & Robin Vol. 1: Born to Kill (The New 52)

Batman: Earth One

Showcase Presents Showcase, Vol. 1

Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes

Steve Ditko Week: Charlton Comics covers

After he left Marvel, Ditko produced quite a bit of work for "B" comics publisher Charlton.  I love the swirling, spooky, ectoplasmic shapes. There's no mistaking which artist produced this work, Ditko's style is so personal and unique.

Steve Ditko Week: Ditko documentary

In 2007, BBC radio/TV host Jonathan Ross, a major comics fan, presented an hour-long TV special focused on his favorite artist: The mysterious and reclusive, Steve Ditko.

It's a very well done show, featuring intereviews with Ditko's Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee and other comics pros. Near the end of the show, Ross and comics writer Neil Gaimin even venture up to Ditko's office in New York City for a visit, but Ditko refuses to appear on screen.

Here's the entire program: