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Via Dangerous Minds, the Bonzo Dog Band performs "High School Hermit."


A long interview with comics artist Neal Adams about his history, and his controversial Batman: Odyssey limited series.

I’m the target. Go shoot your arrows. Try to get me. I’m runnin’ across the hill over there. And I had a great time! I did a book that I’m tremendously happy with and what’s happening is now people are coming up to me at conventions and stuff going [whispers] ‘I really liked Batman Odyssey. I loved it. Wow it was great.’ Why you whispering? ‘I don’t want anybody to hear me. I’m not supposed to like it. But I loved it’ 

The Beatles have granted permission for some of their music to appear in a documentary about their former official fan club secretary.
  Good Ol' Freda tells the story of Freda Kelly, who ran the Beatles fan club and spent 11 years working for the band. Director Ryan White secured the rights for four Beatles tracks, including "Love Me Do" and "I Saw Her Standing There," but won't reveal how much it cost.

The connection between comics great Jack Kirby and the real-life CIA operation that inspired the acclaimed film "Argo" have been mentioned here a number of the times in the past. But there's a link to some great Jack Kirby art prepared for the sham film used  as a cover for freeing American hostages from Iran.

Original comic art: Curt Swan Superman splash page

From Superman #218.

Today's best photo ever

Dizzy Gillespie via If Charlie Parker was a Gunslinger There'd Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats:

So long Kevin Ayers

Kevin Ayers, a founding member of Soft Machine and a singer/songsmith known for his whimsical, very British style, has passed away at 68, Mojo reports.

BBC radio this week: Stream comedy, music performances and documentaries

Click the links to hear the following shows:

U2 at the BBC. Johnnie Walker introduces a portrait of rock greats U2, drawn entirely from BBC archive interviews and performances.

The Goon Show. Neddie Seagoon gets a bank job, but is it wise to put him in charge of the gold vault? Stars Spike Milligan. From January 1959.

Innes Own World. Spoofing the Today Programme, and memories of playing a club in Bolton. Songs and sketches from Neil Innes. From January 2003.

Ivor Cutler: A Stuggy Pren. Alison O'Kill wants to read Ivor Cutler a poem, while Murray-Orr can't think with the sun in his eyes. From May 1994.

Richard Hawley in Session. Richard Hawley joins Lauren at Maida Vale for a special Valentine's Day celebration.

Feeling Good: The Nina Simone Story. In the month that Nina Simone would have turned 80, her daughter Simone explores an extraordinary life and career - sharing her personal thoughts and providing a glimpse of the real woman behind the distinctive voice.

Vintage Disney movie posters: Pinocchio