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Avengers: The Complete Celestial Madonna Saga
Follow the fateful saga of the Avenger named Mantis -- a tale three decades in the telling! It begins with the revelations of the Star-Stalker, and soon drags Earth's Mightiest Heroes into a cosmic clash between Captain Marvel and the ever-mad Titan, Thanos! But when Kang comes to the present day in search of the Celestial Madonna, Mantis' life is forever altered! In one of the greatest Avengers epics ever told, the besotted Swordsman will go to great lengths to save the woman he loves. Wedding bells will chime, and Mantis will embrace her destiny! Then, years later, she sends a space-spanning S.O.S. to former allies Thor, Vision and Scarlet Witch for aid in a rematch with Thanos! This one is a classic! Collecting AVENGERS (1963) #124-125 and #129-135, CAPTAIN MARVEL (1968) #33, GIANT-SIZE AVENGERS #2-4 and AVENGERS: CELESTIAL QUEST #1-8.

Avengers Epic Collection: Masters of Evil
Earth's Mightiest Heroes are matched with two of comics' mightiest talents -- Roy Thomas and John Buscema -- for one of the most creative periods in Avengers history! There are cover-to-cover watershed moments: Hercules goes mano-a-mano with Dragon Man! Captain America mixes it up with the Russian Red Guardian! The mantle of the Black Knight is redeemed! Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch defect and rejoin Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants! Black Panther joins the team! The Avengers battle the X-Men! An all-new Masters of Evil makes the scene! Bucky Barnes' tragic death is recounted for the first time! A reality-bending battle pits the new Avengers against the original Avengers! And the sinister Ultron debuts! Collecting AVENGERS (1963) #41-56 and ANNUAL #1-2, X-MEN (1963) #45, and material from NOT BRAND ECHH #5 and #8.

Captain America Epic Collection: Justice is Served
Cap faces a Scourge on the Marvel Universe! A super villain serial killer is on the loose, marking every death with an enigmatic epitaph: "Justice is served!" As the bodies pile up, can the Living Legend take down this Scourge of the Underworld before there are no more criminals left to fight? And as if Scourge wasn't enough, there's Blue Streak, Flag-Smasher and the Slug to contend with! Other heroes can be just as much trouble -- like enthusiastic D-Man, savage Wolverine and misguided Super-Patriot! But the government itself might strike the final blow! Between friends, foes and ghosts from his past -- by the end of this story, Steve Rogers will be Captain America no more! Collecting CAPTAIN AMERICA (1968) #318-332 and ANNUAL #8, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963) #278, material from MARVEL FANFARE (1982) #29 and #31-32, and more.

Captain America & The Falcon: Secret Empire
Captain America...criminal?! The Secret Empire was rarely more secretive or empirical than in this classic arc that sets Cap against a conspiracy out to frame and replace him in the American mind! And pay close attention to the man behind the curtain (or mask, as the case may be)! Nick Fury, Black Panther and Banshee join the action, and the X-Men guest-star (back before it was cool) as the Secret Empire's shocking agenda is revealed! Corruption and cover-ups conclude with Cap shaken to his core. But will he turn his back on the Avengers, ditch the red, white and blue -- and become a Nomad? Collecting CAPTAIN AMERICA (1968) #169-176.

Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme Omnibus Vol. 1
Doctor Strange stars in his most spellbinding series! The world believes Strange dead, and Dormammu has stolen control of the Sorcerer Supreme's body. But when Clea comes to Stephen's aid, the two must make a binding commitment! As if contending with Faustian gambits wasn't enough, Strange will receive the tabloid treatment, and he'll face unfamiliar foes like Hobgoblin and Enchantress! But during the Dark Wars against Dormammu, will Baron Mordo become Earth's Sorcerer Supreme? Then, Strange stares down the supernatural as vampires make a comeback -- and Morbius, Werewolf by Night and Ghost Rider drop by! INFINITY GAUNTLET will pit Strange against old friend Silver Surfer, but who else could lend a hand against the Fear Lords? It's Daredevil, Man Without Fear! Collecting DOCTOR STRANGE, SORCERER SUPREME #1-40 and GHOST RIDER (1990) #12

Spectacular Spider-Man Masterworks Vol. 1 
Spider-Man's not just amazing, he's spectacular -- and Marvel is proud to usher in SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN as the Marvel Masterworks' 250th volume! In 1976, Spidey notched his second solo series under the direction of Gerry Conway and Sal Buscema. With his first live-action TV series on the horizon, the world wanted to know just who this Peter Parker guy was. SPECTACULAR not only expanded opportunities for the web-slinging wonder, it also provided a platform to expand upon and explore the world of his incomparable supporting cast: J. Jonah Jameson, Mary Jane Watson, Flash Thompson and more! Of course, there was no shortage of villains -- including the Vulture and Morbius -- or iconic guest stars, ranging from the White Tiger to the Inhumans! Collecting SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN (1976) #1-15.

Batman '66 Meets The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
In this globe-trotting adventure from the six-issue miniseries, the man from U.N.C.L.E. needs help -- from the Bat-Family! Gotham City's most infamous villains are being recruited by the opposition, and thwarting T.H.R.U.S.H.'s latest scheme for world domination will take the combined efforts of our home grown heroes and the suave and debonair men of U.N.C.L.E. As these teams venture through Europe, their first task is crashing the evil plot... and their second is maintaining their own secret identities!

Doom Patrol: The Silver Age Omnibus
The complete Silver Age adventures of the Doom Patrol, comics' strangest super-team, is collected in a single hardcover! Led by their wheelchair-bound chief, Niles Calder, three outcasts of society--Negative Man, Elasti-Girl and Robotman--take the qualities that made them freaks to become heroes. Together, the trio takes on bizarre menaces including General Immortus, The Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man and The Brotherhood of Evil! Collects MY GREATEST ADVENTURE #80-85 and DOOM PATROL #86-124.

The Flash by Mark Waid Book Two 
Once Wally West was Kid Flash, sidekick to his mentor and friend The Flash, a.k.a. Barry Allen. But the death of Barry made Wally the fastest man alive -- and the new Flash! Now, somehow, Barry has returned -- as a violent and paranoid speedster determined to eliminate what he's created! Is Barry really back? This second collection of stories from Mark Waid's epic run on THE FLASH includes THE FLASH #69-79, THE FLASH ANNUAL #6, GREEN LANTERN #30-31 and #40, plus a story from JUSTICE LEAGUE QUARTERLY #10.

Justice League of America: The Silver Age Vol. 3
In these 1960s adventures, Aquaman, the Atom, Batman, the Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Superman and Wonder Woman meets the Justice Society of America from the parallel world known as Earth-1 and take on the evil of Felix Faust, the Wizard, the Icicle, Kanjar Ro, Despero, Dr. Light and more! Collects JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #20-30.

Teen Titans: The Bronze Age Omnibus
In these tales from the 1970s, the assassination of a world leader forces the Teen Titans to rethink their mission, leading to time travelling and cross-country adventure as they take on social issues of the day. This new title collects TEEN TITANS #25-53; THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #94, 102 and 149: BATMAN FAMILY #6, 8 and 9; and WORLD'S FINEST COMICS #205.

Star Hawks, Vol. 1
The classic 1970s science fiction newspaper strip created by Ron Goulart and Gil Kane is coming back in a big way. The only comic strip to be produced in a two-tier format, the Library of American Comics edition will reproduce each strip on its own page so readers can relish Kane's incredible achievement. Nearly 40 years after its debut, Star Hawks still looks fresh and exciting. This first of three volumes reprints more than 300 double-sized strips and includes an introduction by Ron Goulart.

John Stanley: Giving Life To Little Lulu
John Stanley's work in Marge's Little Lulu from 1945 to 1959 ensured Lulu immortality as an iconic, protofeminist figure in American popular culture. John Stanley: Giving Life to Little Lulu is both a deluxe, full-color coffee table book filled with beautifully reproduced artwork from Little Lulu and his own comic book creations, such as Melvin Monster and Thirteen (Going on Eighteen) and rare drawings and cartoons, as well as never-before-seen photographs and a biographical portrait of the artist.

Vintage pics: Jayne Mansfield

Pop Culture Roundup: Wally Wood; Marvel Mini Books; Thunderbirds; Modniks

Via the Bristol Board: Animation pitch sketches by Wally Wood.


Via 'Tain't the Meat: Marvel Mini Books.


Via "Kid" Robson: Thunderbirds models.


Via Four-Color Shadows: DC Comics' Modniks.

New "Kong: Skull Island" banners

Meanwhile ... 50 years ago!

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New trailer: "Logan"

Vintage sci-fi movie posters

Pop Notes: La La Land, Hidden Figures, Manchester By the Sea

Wow, it's rare that I see many "Award season" films, but I've been doing pretty well lately.

Over the past couple of weeks, I've enjoyed three films that have received Golden Globe nominations and awards, and which will likely be contenders for the Oscars, as well. And they're all good!

"La La Land" will appeal to lovers of musicals, but it's not all song and dance. The film is a tribute to L.A.'s fading glory and reflects on the difficulty of sustaining dreams and romance in the face of reality.

While there are a few upbeat numbers - including the stunning opener, "Another Day in the Sun" - much of the music is understated and carries a whiff of melancholy.

This is a musical that always keeps one tap shoe in the real world. When Emma Stone, as a frustrated barista/actress, and Ryan Gosling, as a frustrated jazz pianist, sing their first song together they are searching for her Prius. And the number ends with the ring of an iPhone.

As much as we root for these two - and they're both completely lovable and adorable - we fret for them, too. They are asking a lot from life. Is it too much? Maybe, so. But what would life be worth if they didn't? This is a musical that asks if it's really possible to live in a musical.

I predict the film's central piece, the lovely "City of Stars," will be played at a million kids' piano recitals over the next 10 years.

"Manchester By the Sea," in comparison to the vivid colors and sophisticated production of "La La Land," is a simple, sad film that flickers with a glimmer of hope throughout.

Casey Affleck is remarkable as Lee Chandler, a broken man called back to his hometown to care for his 16-year-old nephew after his brother, the boy's father, has died. Lee doesn't want, and isn't at all prepared, to take on this new role. He didn't realize it would fall to him and he left town years ago, hoping never to return.

Over the course the the story, we learn why Lee left and we become increasingly more sympathetic to his initially off-putting behavior. Everyone has his or her past hurts, and Lee's are profound. Affleck inhabits his character and provides a very moving performance, as do Michelle Williams as his heartbroken ex-wife and Kyle Chandler ("Friday Night Lights") in flashbacks as Lee's brother, Joe.

"Hidden Figures," about three overlooked, mistreated and vital women working for America's space program in the 1960s, could've clobbered us over the head with it's importance, but doesn't.

Instead, it just gets to the business of telling it's story, which all Americans should hear. Without Katherine Goble Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson, it might have taken us much longer to get into space and to the moon. And more men likely would've died trying. Yet, up until now, how many of us knew about how much these three African American women contributed to our history?

The film doesn't tell us, but shows us the brilliance and dedication of these women, while also depicting the outrageously poor treatment they were subjected to while just trying to do their jobs.

The bright spots are provided in scenes that demonstrate the camaraderie among these characters. The co-leads, Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monáem have great chemistry. They make these inspirational figures real and it's a joy being in their company.

Kevin Costner is also excellent as a forward-thinking NASA supervisor and Glen Powell is heroic and charismatic in his brief scenes as astronaut John Glenn.

New "Twin Peaks" teaser with Agent Cooper

Cool: Doctor Who, Willy Wonka, Sherlock and more - Playmobil-style

Playmobil and Funko have teamed for a series of pop culture figures. They look like Playmobil figures, but at 6-inches tall, are a little bigger.

Here's a look at the first wave, out this summer:

Willy Wonka

Doctor Who

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Back to the Future