Sunday, January 10, 2021

Marvel's other barbarian gets collected in upcoming Kull omnibus

The "Kull: Savage Sword: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus" is out May 18 and available for advance order now from Amazon.

Thousands of years before the dawn of Conan, barbarian tribes rose across the Thurian continent, threatening the civilizations whose crumbling city walls still stood against them. In this ruthless age, there rose a man-an exile, no less-who would come to rule mighty Atlantis in the years before it crashed beneath the waves. This man was Kull and a host of Marvel's greatest talents would chronicle his saga-his exile and savage youth; his exploits on the high seas; his rise through the gladiatorial pits and military ranks; his reign as king; and his epic battles with the skull-faced sorcerer Thulsa Doom. Experience Kull's complete black-and-white magazine tales in this Omnibus volume, all painstakingly restored from the highest fi delity materials in Marvel's archives

COLLECTING: Kull and the Barbarians (1975) 1-3; Savage Tales (1971) 2; Savage Sword of Conan (1974) 1-3, 7, 9, 14-16, 19, 23, 34, 39, 42-43, 52, 55, 61, 119-122, 124-141, 143-145, 147-152, 158-159, 161, 165, 169-170, 172-173, 177, 182-183, 186, 190-194, 196-199, 202, 213, 215, 229-233; Savage Tales Annual (1975) 1, Marvel Previews (1975) 19; Bizzare Advantures (1981) 26; Conan Saga (1987) 13, 25, 47, 57, 97

Pop Pic: Elvis and Glen

Saturday, January 09, 2021

Video: Take a look at Captain America's "Americar" from Mego Toys, 1976

Chronicles of Marvel's Living Vampire Morbius compiled in upcoming Epic Collection

Out May 25. Available for advance order now from Amazon.

Details from Marvel:

The first era in the dark saga of Marvel’s living vampire concludes! Morbius must save Martine Bancroft from the other-dimensional clutches of Helleyes, while CIA agent Simon Stroud stalks him at every turn! In a pair of black-and-white vampire tales, Morbius struggles with a desperate attempt to end his bloodlust while facing the undead threat of the Brotherhood of Judas! A Morbius showcase in MARVEL PREVIEW sends the living vampire on the hunt for a brutal murderer in the moors of Slade Mansion! And Morbius joins Man-Thing, Ghost Rider and the Werewolf by Night in the Legion of Monsters! Plus, team-ups with the Thing, Spider-Man and She-Hulk!

COLLECTING: Fear (1970) 27-31; Marvel Premiere (1972) 28; Marvel Two-In-One (1974) 15; Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) 6-8, 38; Savage She-Hulk (1980) 9-12; material from Vampire Tales (1973) 9-11, Annual (1975) 1; Marvel Preview (1975) 8


Hot Trax '71: John Lennon, Emitt Rhodes, Mark Lindsay and more

Here's a look at new records on the charts this week in 1971. Check out our growing 1971 playlist below! 

John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band ‎– Mother

McGuinness Flint ‎– When I'm Dead And Gone

The New Seekers ‎– Beautiful People

Emitt Rhodes ‎– Fresh As A Daisy

Mark Lindsay ‎– Problem Child

Allman Brothers Band ‎– Revival

Edison Lighthouse ‎– It's Up To You Petula

The Stylistics ‎– You're A Big Girl Now

The Magic Lanterns ‎– One Night Stand

The Bells ‎– Fly Little White Dove, Fly

Bobby Bloom ‎– Where Are We Going

Check out the Hot Trax '71 playlist on Spotify

Friday, January 08, 2021

Records We Missed: "Tall Tales by Gabby Hayes Vols. 1 and 2"

Video Find: Ella Fitzgerald sings "Can't Buy Me Love" on "The Ed Sullivan Show," 1967

Dig Ed's beads!

Batman's "Brave and the Bold" adventures continue in third omnibus collection

Brave and the Bold
was a favorite Bronze Age title for me. Great art by Jim Aparo, often crazy scripts by Bob Haney. Some of the best Bat tales told.

This behemoth is out Sept. 7 and available for advance order now from Amazon.

In these stories from the early 1980s, Batman fought evil side by side with DC Comics' greatest--and, occasionally, strangest--superheroes, including these tales guest-starring such legendary characters as Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Black Lightning, Superboy, Swamp Thing and more.

Collects THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #157-200.

Pop Culture Roundup: Wally Wood lunchbox; Johnny West; J.R.R. Tolkien

A look at stuff that caught my eye on other pop blogs.

Cap'n's Comics shares images of this cool Fireball XL-5, which features artwork by the great comics artist Wally Wood.

Plaid Stallions posted some pics of a vintage 1975 Child World toy store flyer. Lot's of Mego, etc.

Also from Plaid Stallions, a great 1975 Johnny West toy catalog.

Via Open Culture, a look at J.R.R. Tolkien's children's book, Mr. Bliss.