BBC radio this week

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Herge's The Adventures of Tintin Available on BBC iPlayer
Adaptations of Herge's classic cartoon adventures

James Bond - You Only Live Twice Available on BBC iPlayer
Agent 007's latest mission sparks a fatal encounter in a Japanese garden of death.

Pulp Fiction Available on BBC iPlayer
Readings of stories from the classic era of crime fiction

Sherlock Holmes v Dracula Available on BBC iPlayer
The Baker Street sleuth takes on the sanguinary Count.

Crying Waiting Hoping: The Story of Buddy Holly's Last Tour Available on BBC iPlayer
Steve Harley tells the story of the ill-fated Winter Dance Party.

Laurel Canyon Available on BBC iPlayer
Mickey Dolenz reflects on the LA area which became home to a diverse mix of musical stars.

Maria Elena Holly: My Life with Buddy Available on BBC iPlayer
Maria Elena Holly talks to Don McLean about her eight-month marriage to Buddy Holly.

Pete Townshend: Before I Get Old Available on BBC iPlayer
Documentary about the Who guitarist.

The John Peel Lecture Available on BBC iPlayer
6 Music presents this annual discussion on music and music-related media.

Read the full text to Pete Townshend's John Peel lecture

The BBC has begun presenting an annual "John Peel Lecture," named after the late ground- and act-breaking disk jockey. The first such speech was delivered the other day by The Who's Pete Townshend, who celebrated Peel's wide-open ears and willingness to give the new a chance.

But Townshend added that iTunes and online music distribution doesn't have the same power as radio to introduce new music. In fact, he thinks iTunes is downright bad.

You can stream the lecture here, or read the full text here.

Stream the Beach Boys Smile

You can hear the full, 40-track Smile Sessions here.

Video: Brian Wilson sings Surfs Up

From the new Smile Session box set:

New comics Nov. 2, 2011

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