Today's Google doodle celebrates Star Trek's 46th anniversary

Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore publicity photos

Pop culture roundup: Neil Gaimin scripts Doctor Who again; Kaluta's Carson of Venus; More stop-motion Johnny Quest; painting by the Beatles up for auction

New Elfquest comics series debuts online next week

BBC radio this week - stream drama, comedy, music documentaries

Vintage comic book ad: Trix bike safety flag!

Jerry Ordway provides cover for Shazam! DVD release

Golden Age comics ad - All Star Comics!

Doctor Who season 7 Dinosaurs on a Spaceship promo photos

New comics Sept. 5, 2012: Starman Omnibus 2; Superman Chronicles 10; Thief of Thieves 1; New Avengers Omnibus; more!

Vintage DC Comics house ad - 100-pagers!

Music new releases Sept. 4, 2012: Cat Power; Ian Hunter; Staff Benda Bilili; Otis Blackwell; Quincy Jones!