Vintage movie poster: "Curse of the Demon"

Video find: Bing Crosby performs "Do You Hear What I Hear?"

Vintage movie poster: "The Cat Girl"

Pop Culture Roundup: Frank Frazetta; A Christmas Carol; Whitman Authorized Edition; Ursula Le Guin and Philip K. Dick

New Music Dec. 2, 2016: Kate Bush; Rolling Stones; Bob Dylan, more

Pop Artifact: Vintage 1940s "Send Superman to War" poster

Video Find: Burt Ward 1965 audtion tape for "Batman"

New poster "The Lego Batman Movie"

New teaser trailer: "The Mummy"

At the Newsstand - 50 years ago!

Pop Artifacts: "Adventures of Superman" radio show materials

New comics Nov. 30, 2016: Superman; She-Hulk

Comic Art: Curt Swan concept art for 1970s Superman telephone

Meanwhile, 50 years ago ...

Gallery: 1960s Aurora model kits - Universal Monsters box art

Meanwhile, 50 years ago ...

Gallery: Vintage Marvel Comics Aurora model box art