New Music March 3, 2017: Ann-Margaret; Sleaford; Temples; Monkees; Rascals; Grandaddy

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Ann-Margret / The Definitive Collection

Sleaford Mods / English Tapas

The Temples / Volcano

The Monkees / Head Alternate

The Rascals / The Complete Singles A's & B's

Grandaddy / Last Place

Pop Culture Roundup: Shazam; Batcave; Art Adams; Peanuts

Via Slay, Monstrobot: A nearly 40-year-old Captain Marvel story speaks to today.


Factory Entertainment is asking for fan feedback on this awesome, expensive ($699!) replica of TV's Batcave, which it plans to put into production. My feedback: Awesome, too expensive.


Via Diversions of the Groovy Kind: Modern master Art Adams re-draws Silver Age comics covers.

What a bunch of sell-outs! Go Retro takes a look at the Peanuts' history in advertising.