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They're set to wow you in theaters, but who are the Kree warriors known as Starforce? Get to know Captain Marvel and her space-faring allies with these classic adventures! Ronan the Accuser makes first contact between the Kree and the Earth - and may be judge, jury and executioner for the Fantastic Four! Kree Scientist Dr. Minerva targets Avengers sidekick Rick Jones for abduction! Carol Danvers takes on her fi rst costumed identity as Ms. Marvel! Captain Atlas confronts the cosmic protector Quasar, Korath the Pursuer clashes with Captain America - and the Starforce battles the Avengers! Finally, Carol and Cap face Bron Char of the Kree Lunatic Legion!

Jack is back! KIRBY RETURNS presents a selection of all-time classics from "King" Kirby's 1970s return to Marvel. With Kirby as both writer and artist, these stories are a live wire hooked into the imagination of comics' most powerful creative dynamo. CAPTAIN AMERICA battles the Red Skull and the bizarre Arnim Zola, the mad scientist who has reanimated Hitler's brain in the body of an unstoppable android! THE BLACK PANTHER faces the super-evolved creature from Hatch-22 in a generation-spanning Wakandan saga for the ages! MACHINE MAN is a weapon of war with a soul, a thinking computer in human form. He explores the world of man, but can he find acceptance before the army hunts him down? DEVIL DINOSAUR and Moon Boy fight savage battles against alien invaders to protect early humans from annihilation!
The Hyborian Age meets the Marvel Age in this stunning gallery of classic Conan comic art! The Cimmerian warrior made his comics mark at Marvel, and would hack and slash his way through three decades of phenomenal full-color storytelling in Conan the Barbarian and its many sister comics. This hardcover highlights the very best covers, pages and pinups from legendary titles such as Conan the Barbarian, Giant-Size Conan, King Conan and more -- from the seminal masterworks of Barry Windsor-Smith, to stunning interpretations by Gil Kane and Neal Adams, to a character-defining legacy by John Buscema, to gorgeous latter-day illustrations by Silvestri, Kaluta, Mignola and more! As Conan makes his highly anticipated return to the House of Ideas in 2019, immerse yourself in the vibrant and vivid world of Conan the Barbarian, and experience sensational sword-and-sorcery sagas in the Mighty Marvel Manner!
Before Steve Ditko revolutionized comic book super-heroes with the Amazing Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, he applied his incomparable storytelling mastery to taut suspense-thrillers. These chilling stories were cast with nervous-eyed dreamers and sweaty-palmed schemers, none of whom make it out with getting theirs. They were parables of wrenching psychological tension, expressed by one of comic book's most unique creative minds, and they will leave you curled up and screaming for more-whether you like it or not! Marvel is honored to collect Ditko's complete stories of suspense in two beautifully restored Omnibus volumes. From his very first Marvel work in 1956 through to his last five-page masterpiece, every iconic Silver Age Ditko short is collected in these incomparable Omnibus editions.
COLLECTING: JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY (1952) #33, 38, 50-73, STRANGE TALES (1951) #46, 50, 67-91, TALES TO ASTONISH (1959) #1-26, TALES OF SUSPENSE (1959) #1-15, 17-24, STRANGE WORLDS (1958) #1-5, WORLD OF FANTASY(1956) #16-19, AMAZING ADVENTURES (1961) #1-6, JOURNEY INTO UNKNOWN WORLDS (1950) #45, 51, MYSTERY TALES (1950) #40, 45, 47, TWO-GUN WESTERN (1956) #4, WORLD OF SUSPENSE (1956) #2, MARVEL TALES (1949) #147, SPELLBOUND (1952) #29, STRANGE TALES OF THE UNUSUAL (1955) #5, ASTONISHING (1951) #53, WORLD OF MYSTERY (1956) #3, 6, BATTLE (1951) #63, GUNSMOKE WESTERN (1955) #66
Chris Claremont weaves complex plots and compelling characterization in the conclusion of Ms. Marvel's original adventures. The highlights are many: Ms. Marvel meets the Avengers for the very first time. Mystique makes her first appearance. A battle with Ronan the Accuser brings Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel together and leads to an all-new look for our heroine! Encounters with underground lizard-men, Deathbird, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Sabretooth set the stage for a controversial Avengers saga and a life-altering battle with Mystique and Rogue. The story reaches its epic conclusion in a Marvel milestone including Ms. Marvel, the X-Men and the Avengers!
COLLECTING: MS. MARVEL (1977) 15-24, MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE (1974) 51, MARVEL SUPER-HEROES (1990) 10-11, AVENGERS (1963) 200, ANNUAL (1967) 10 AND MATERIAL FROM AVENGERS (1963) 197-199 AND MARVEL FANFARE (1982) 24
Legends of the Dark Knight: Michael Golden
The stories starring Batman featuring the slick artwork of Michael Golden are collected for the first time, including appearances by the Demon and Man-Bat. Golden is renowned for his design skills and unique interpretation of Batman and other heroes, as seen in these early stories, written by well-known comics writers including Dennis O'Neil, Gerry Conway and Mike W. Barr.
Collects shis collects stories from Batman Family #15-20, Batman #295, #303, DC Special Series #15, Detective Comics #482, Batman Special #1, Batman: Gotham Knights #22. It also collects the covers from Detective Comics #625-626, 628-631, 633, 644-646, Batman #484-485, Showcase '93, Nightwing #66-77 & #129-130 and the Man-Bat entry from Who's Who in the DC Universe #12.
In 1973 DC brought back one of comics' most popular heroes: Captain Marvel, also known as Shazam!, whose Golden Age adventures sold in the millions of copies. These new adventures combined the cartoony art of C.C. Beck, the original artist from the 1940s, with the modern, tongue-in-cheek sensibility of writers including Dennis O'Neil (Batman, Green Lantern/Green Arrow).
Collects Shazam! #1-18.
First time in trade paperback! Alex Toth's magnum opus contains all three of The Genius's stories starring Jesse Bravo, knock-about pilot and reluctant swashbuckler. Also included are rare pencil roughs, preliminary drawings, and story fragments, as well as samples of Toth's own coloring for an edition that never saw print, and of the coloring for what was intended to be Bravo's original 1975 first printing in France!
When Uncle Scrooge decides to take Donald and the nephews on a world tour to inspect the many businesses in his far-flung empire, he never dreamed he’d wind up uncovering the fabled lost treasure of the even-more fabled King Solomon! Then, to settle a bet over who’s the better salesman, Scrooge and Donald wind up in Southeast Asia - and Donald’s winning! Until Scrooge notices something unusual about the local architecture in "City of Golden Roofs." And the Beagle Boys come calling again with a devious scheme to drill Scrooge’s money right out from under him! Plus: the oddball inventions of the ever-eccentric Gyro Gearloose! Carl Barks delivers another superb collection of clever plot twists, laugh-out-loud comedy, and all-around comic book brilliance. Full-color illustrations throughout.

Coming Up: Revolution - Underground Sounds Of 1968

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Details from Esoteric Recordings:

UK three CD clamshell boxed set celebrating the so-called underground rock music 1968, a year that saw huge changes, both musical and social. 1968 was a pivotal year for creativity in British rock, beginning with some influences of psychedelia still present in work by ground-breaking artists such as Pretty Things, Tomorrow, Incredible String Band, Idle Race, Traffic and The Move, but gradually giving way to styles influenced by jazz, blues, folk and more that would eventually become termed as "progressive", "folk-rock" and "hard" rock, all of which championed by "underground" figures of the day such as DJ John Peel on his BBC Radio One show Top Gear and by publications such as International Times and Oz. The common thread among all of these artists was an emphasis on experimentation and a desire to push the perceived boundaries of popular music. Aside from featuring better known acts such as Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Procol Harum and Pentangle, this compilation also features lesser known acts that produced work of a wide breadth such as Eyes of Blue, Love Sculpture, The Action, Dantalian's Chariot, Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera, Gun, Second Hand, The Moles and Blonde on Blonde. This collection celebrates a creative period when rock music was evolving into something altogether more serious, moving away from the single as medium to give way to the dominance of the album. Feed your head with Revolution - Underground Sounds of 1968. 

Disc: 1

  1. And the Address - Deep Purple
  2. This Wheel's on Fire -Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & the Trinity
  3. Talkin' About the Good Times - Pretty Things
  4. World War Three - Dantalian's Chariot
  5. A Saying for Today -The Action
  6. Crossroads of Time - Eyes of Blue
  7. Sunshine Help Me - Spooky Tooth
  8. Early Morning -Barclay James Harvest
  9. All Day, All Night - Blonde on Blonde
  10. Happy Birthday / the Birthday Party - Idle Race
  11. Revolution - Tomorrow
  12. We Are the Moles (Part 1) - the Moles
  13. Blackberry Way - the Move
  14. One Eyed Hound - Genesis
  15. On a Saturday - Keith West
  16. Sovay - Pentangle
  17. Cave of Clear Light -The Bystanders
  18. Soma (Parts One & Two) - Dantalian's Chariot
  19. Fire! - the Crazy World of Arthur Brown
  20. I'm the Urban Spaceman - the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band

Disc: 2

  1. Shapes of Things - Jeff Beck
  2. Black Magic Woman -
  3. Fleetwood Mac
  4. Pearly Queen - Traffic
  5. People You Were Going to - Van Der Graaf Generator
  6. Reality - Secondhand
  7. Love Is the Law - Eyes of Blue
  8. Dusty - John Martyn
  9. In Her Mind - Eclection
  10. Summertime - Love Sculpture
  11. Fly Tomorrow - John Mayall
  12. Place of My Own - Caravan
  13. No Title - Ten Years After
  14. Child of My Kingdom -
  15. The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
  16. I Never Knew - the Gods

Disc: 3

  1. My Sunday Feeling - Jethro Tull
  2. Sabre Dance - Love Sculpture
  3. Flames - Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera
  4. Somewhere to Go - the Deviants
  5. Cold Embrace - Sam Gopal
  6. Shine on Brightly - Procol Harum
  7. Paradise Flat - Status Quo
  8. That's Me - Genesis
  9. Suite No. 1 - Giles, Giles & Fripp
  10. Mist on a Monday Morning - the Move
  11. Ten Thousand Words in a Cardboard Box -
  12. The Aquarian Age
  13. Mr. Sunshine - Barclay James Harvest
  14. Just for You - Dave Mason
  15. S.F. Sorrow Is Born - Pretty Things
  16. Magic Man - Caravan
  17. The Half-Remarkable Question - Incredible String Band
  18. Race with the Devil - Gun
  19. Mandrake Root - Deep Purple

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