Coming up: Wally Wood's EC Comics Artistsan Edition

Out June 16, 2015.
The Wally Wood EC Comics Artist's Edition was a massive volume that collected some of the greatest Wally Wood stories from the classic glory days as one of the brightest stars in the EC pantheon of artists. Upon it's release it was a huge critical and commercial success, selling out two printings in record time. Now IDW Publishing, the industry originator and leader in producing original art scanned books, continues to blaze new trails by launching a new format within the Artist's Edition brand - the Artisan Edition. And we have chosen the immensely popular Wally Wood EC Comics Artist's Edition as the debut title in the line. Like an Artist's Edition, an Artisan Edition collects complete stories that are all painstakingly scanned from the original art. But this series will be reproduced at a much more manageable 8 x 12 inches, and in softcover format - making this much easier to peruse and store while all other aspects regarding quality remain the same. If you have been holding off exploring the wonderful world of Artist's Edition, this is the perfect place to begin! Featuring some of the most classic Wally Wood stories ever produced, including "My World," "Came the Dawn," "Mars is Heaven," and many others, as well as a gallery of Wood's breathtakingly beautiful covers.

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