Coming up: Absolute Green Lantern/Green Arrow

Out Dec. 15, 2015.
This stunning Absolute Edition of Green Lantern/Green Arrow collect the early 1970s, featuring classic team-ups written by Dennis O'Neil with art by Neal Adams!

In these stories, Green Lantern Hal Jordan continued his usual cosmic-spanning adventures, as he used his amazing Power Ring to police Sector 2814 against universe-threatening menaces. Meanwhile, on Earth, Oliver Queen, the archer known as Green Arrow, was confronting menaces of a different kind: racism, poverty, drugs, and other social ills!

This Absolute Edition will include additional script and character development pages as well as character sketches.

Coming up: Here Today - Songs of Brian Wilson

Out June 30, 2015.
It's hard to believe 12 years have passed since Pet Projects: The Brian Wilson Productions, one of Ace's first releases in their much-admired Producers series.
Wilson now joins such greats as Randy Newman, Laura Nyro, Goffin & King, Dan Penn, Bacharach & David, Jackie DeShannon and Serge Gainsbourg in their equally high profile Songwriters series.
The collection opens with 'Do You Have Any Regrets?' by Darian Sahanaja of the Wondermints, a rare composition from Wilson's unissued Sweet Insanity album of the early 90s.
While Wilson's version was a rather frantic latin-styled piece, Sahanaja's recording is an homage to the 1965-era Beach Boys.
Along with collectable tracks by Johnny Wells, Basil Swift, the Castells, Joey & the Continentals, Keith Green and Peggy March, Sahanaja's luxuriant cover makes its legit CD debut here.
Other highlights include heavenly versions of songs from the Beach Boys' masterpiece Pet Sounds by Kirsty MacColl, Carmen McRae, Nick DeCaro, Betty Everett, Bobby Vee and Louis Philippe.
Those who own a copy of Kirsty MacColl's harmony-drenched 'You Still Believe In Me' single might have noticed a message etched into the run-off groove: God Bless Brian, an emotion seconded by all lovers of great music. Compilation and notes by Kingsley Abbott, Mick Patrick and Harvey Williams.
 Track listing:

1. Do You Have Any Regrets? - Darian
2. Here Today - Bobby Vee
3. Guess I'm Dumb - Johnny Wells
4. Don't Worry Baby - The Tokens
5. Farmer's Daughter - Basil Swift & The Seagrams
6. Help Me Rhonda - Bruce & Terry
7. I Do - The Castells
8. The New Girl In School - Jan & Dean
9. Time To Get Alone - Redwood
10. Don't Hurt My Little Sister - The Surfaris
11. My Buddy Seat - The Hondells
12. Move Out, Little Mustang - Rally-Packs
13. She Rides With Me - Joey & The Continentals
14. The Girl From New York City - Tony Rivers & The Castaways
15. Surf City - The Tymes
16. My First Love - The Super Stocks
17. Things Are Changing - Jay & The Americans
18. Girl Don't Tell Me - Keith Green
19. Aren't You Glad - Peggy March
20. God Only Knows - Betty Everett
21. Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) - Carmen Mcrae
22. Good Vibrations - Hugo Montenegro, His Orchestra & Chorus
23. Caroline, No - Nick Decaro
24. I Just Wasn't Made For These Times - Louis Philippe With Dean Brodrick
25. You Still Believe In Me - Kirsty MacColl

Vintage Jack Kirby Boy Commandos art

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