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Another Neal Adams' Batman Classic: "Robin Meets Man-Bat"

Here's another 1970s Batman story for Power Records illustrated by the late, great Neal Adams. I've interspersed Adams' original art pages (inked by the equally great [and late] Dick Giordano) as available.

Remembering Neal Adams: Batman and Robin Fight the Joker in "Stacked Cards"

Neal Adams, who was to many fans THE Batman artist, died last week at age 80, and tributes to him abound across the Web, as well they should. 

We'll do a few of our own here in the coming days and what better way to start than with this gallery of mostly original art for Neal's Batman story for Power Records, "Stacked Cards," which features the Dynamic Duo squaring off agains the Joker. 

Where the original pages aren't available I subbed in those from the printed edition. This is a beautiful example of Adams' dynamic visual storytelling and his ability to depict a Caped Crusader who was at once spooky, grim and heroic and, sometimes, even funny and lighthearted.