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CD new releases of note

Aug. 30

Cannonball Adderley Sextet In New York
Cannibal and the Headhunters Land of 1000 Dances
Eric Clapton Back Home
Bob Dylan No Direction Home: The Soundtrack - The Bootleg Series Volume 7
Thea Gilmore Songs from the Gutter
Charlie Haden's Liberation Music Orchestra Not In Our Name
Herbie Hancock Possibilities
Les Paul and Friends
Sonny Rollins Without a Song
VA Austin City Limits Festival
VA Phil's Spectre 2: Another Wall of Soundalikes
DVD Suicide Girls: The First Tour

Sept. 6

George Clinton How Late Do U Have 2 B B 4 U R Absent?
The Move Message from the Country
The Rolling Stones A Bigger Bang
Sexsmith & Kerr (Ron and Don) Destination Unknown
VA Tee Vee Toons: All-Time Top 100 TV Themes
DVD Punk: Attitude

Allred goes "Solo"

Newsarama has an interview with comic artist Michael Allred, who will be showcased in DC's "Solo" series in October.

Here's an art peek:

This week's DVD new releases

Nip/Tuck Complete Second Season

Curb Your Enthusiasm Complete Fourth Season

Combat Complete Fifth Season

House Complete First Season

Roseanne Complete First Season

Holy Bat TV!

This is pretty cool lookin':

You can get em on Amazon and, presumably, yer local electronics shop.

Quick hits

You can hear "Fine Line," the first single of Paul McCartney's upcoming Chaos and Creation in the Backyard here. It's kinda catchy.

Finally: Columbia Records is proud to announce the release of the brand new studio album by Kate Bush.

The double album entitled 'Aerial' will be released worldwide on November 8th (Nov 7th in Europe).

The first single 'King Of The Mountain' precedes the album on September 27th. It will be available online at iTunes, Yahoo! Music Unlimited, Sony Connect, Walmart.com, Rhapsody, Napster, and MSN Music.

You'll like Booksteve's Library.

The anti-war message of the original "Godzilla" was removed from U.S.-dubbed versions of the flick. Now it's been reinserted.

Kirkus Reviews is promoting comic books and graphic novels with a special supplement, available here in PDF.

Gemstone plans to reprint some classic Mickey Mouse one-page comics in a 360-page hardcover titled "Mickey and The Gang Classic Stories In Verse." The comics originally appeared in Good Housekeeping mag in the 1930s.

Meet the Mighty Moppet.

Comics' first interracial kiss?

Here's an early "Serenity" review.

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Out now!

On sale now in yer local comics shop or via This is Pop!-supporting links:

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Ubervamp Bust

Chronicles Of Conan Vol 8 Tower Of Blood and Other Stories TP

Earth X HC

Elfquest The Grand Quest Vol 10 TP

Essential X-Men Vol 6 TP

Magneto Statue - Bowen Designs

Neal Adams Rowdy And Beautiful Women Sketchbook

Official Handbook Ultimate Marvel Universe 2005

Tom Strongs Terrific Tales Book One TP

Ultimates 2 Vol 1 Gods And Monsters TP

Walt Disneys World Of The Dragonlords GN

Wha... Huh?

Marvel Megamorphs Transforming Super Hero Assault-Bots

SPIDER-MAN 6" Action Figure SPIDER-MAN SERIES 14 Marvel toy Biz Toys

New "Justice League Unlimited" eps due in September

Via Comics Continuum, the Cartoon Network has announced two episodes airing Sept. 17:

"I Am Legion" -- Lex Luthor escapes from a maximum security prison, only to be invited to join Grodd's unstoppable Legion of Doom.

"Shadow of the Hawk" -- Batman is suspicious of Shayera's new boyfriend, a mysterious archeologist with sinister ties to her Thanagarian past.

And two airing Sept. 24:

"Heart of Stone" -- Supergirl, Stargirl and Green Lantern go to Skartaris, the fantastic, hidden world at the Earth¹s core, to help free it from the rule of a brutal dictator.

"Elegy" -- Wonder Woman stumbles onto a plot to steal the powers hidden inside the 3000-year-old, frozen remains of the legendary hero, the Viking Prince.

See the Best DC Comics Sites on the Web.

Marvel Legends series 12 lineup announced

It'll be:

  • Astonishing X-Men Wolverine (newest costume)
  • "Maestro" Hulk
  • Bishop
  • X-23
  • Iron Fist
  • Sasquatch

Action-Figure.com says they'll be out sometime next year. So far, the only picture available is of X-23:

Quick hits

Starlet Charlize Theron will appear in episodes of the third season of the brilliantly funny "Arrested Development."

A look at CBS's "Lost" knock-off, "Threshold." Not to be confused with NBC's "Lost" knock-off, "Surface," mentioned yesterday.

"Million Dollar Baby" screenwriter Paul Haggis has been tapped to script the next James Bond flick, a reworking of "Casino Royale."

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Quick hits

The official Web site for the planned Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center is up. Check it out for views of Kirby's comic art and snippets of a video tape interview.

Why Paul McCartney is richer than God.

Sarah Michell Gellar's dodgy musical tastes.

TV Guide takes a look at NBC's "Lost" knock-off, "Surface."

Is Michael Vartan being written out of "Alias"? Does anyone care?

Superhero Hype! has some "X-Men 3" set pics.

An Iron Man cartoon is in the works in France.

Planet Xtabay shares a couple of rare Les Baxter albums.

And from Tiki-Tim's Exotic Lounge:

Pop Artifacts! Pogo figures

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Quick hits

Hmmm, who will Anthony Stewart Head (Giles from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer") be playing on the revived "Doctor Who"? (Don't click if ya don't want spoilers).

Denver libraries have ended their subscriptions to those spicey fotonovelas.

Comic Richard Lewis remembers summer camp with Larry David.

Arist Darwyn Cooke has signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics, which includes his revival of Will Eisner's "The Spirit" and other projects.

Short clips of Joss Whedon's upcoming "Serenity" are turning up online.

CBS News has posted a few images from Ron Howard's upcoming adaptation of The DaVinci Code."

Volume 2 of "Superman: The Animated Series" and Volume 4 of "Batman: The Animated Series" are out Dec. 6.