"Marvel Visionaries: Jack Kirby Vol. 2" due in April

The second hardcover collecting highlights of the famed artist's Marvel Comics work will feature stories from:

* Captain America Comics #1
* Marvel Mystery Comics #23
* Yellow Claw #4
* Strange Tales #89, 114
* Two-Gun Kid #60
* Love Romances #103
* X-Men #9
* Tales of Suspense #59
* Sgt. Fury #13
* Fantastic Four #57-60
* Not Brand Ecch #1
* Thor #154-157
* Devil Dinosaur #1.

It's available for pre-order from Amazon now.

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A new lineup for new wavers The Cars features Todd Rundgren as lead singer, not Ric Ocasek.

Booksteve pays tribute to underground cartoonist Gilbert Shelton.

Courtesy Mike Sterling: Everything you need to know about the vastly underappreciated Aqualad.

The third official "Lost" podcast is available.

Pioneering guitarist Link Wray (likely best known for the proto-surf instro "Rumble") has passed away and PCL LinkDump has all sorts of tribute links. Record Brother shares a few tunes. And Spread the Good Word shares some more.

The Guardian counts down the "Top 20 Geek Novels."

A series of "Veronica Mars" trading cards is planned.

James Bond's Aston Martin, featured in "Goldfinger" and "Thunderball," is up for auction. Note: In the interest of safety, the car's notorious ejector seat has been replaced by a normal seat.

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Vintage Marvel Comics house ad

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Yet another "V for Vendetta" poster

Comic book previews

Mile High Comics has first looks at: Authority The Magnificient Kevin #4; Batman Gotham Knights #71; Ex Machina #16; Jack Cross #4; Loveless #2; Lucifer #68; Vigilante #3; Wraithborn #3; Amazing Spider-Man #526; Arana Heart of the Spider #11; Black Widow 2 #3; Captain America #12; Daredevil #79; Nick Fury Howling Commandos #2; Punisher vs Bullseye #1; She-Hulk 2 #2; Uncanny X-Men #466 and Young Avengers #9.

Teens Titans season one DVD cover art

Here it is. The set will be out Feb. 7.

See the Best Teen Titans Sites on the Web.

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Newsarama has an interview with comics master Joe Kubert.

Check out the "Superman Returns" trailer.

Comics artist John Byrne is appearing in the "Funky Winkerbean" comic strip.

J.R.R. Tolkien hated his pal C.S. Lewis' "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe."

The Onion interviews cartoonist Seth.

Those Fantastic Four Thing Hands made a most-dangerous toy list.

Newsarma has more skinny on the post "Infinite Crisis" DC Universe.

Shout! Factory is putting out a DVD collecting some of the 1970s/80s punk and new wave performances featured on Tom Snyder's "Tomorrow Show." Performers featured include the Jam, John Lydon and Elvis Costello.

Dial B has a fun contest.

Fred Hembeck shares his sketchbooks.

Top 10 bestselling graphic novels, DVDs, CDs and toys/action figures Nov. 18

From Amazon:

Graphic Novels

1. Black Hole

2. Watchmen

3. V for Vendetta

4. Batman: Year One Deluxe Edition

5. Day of Vengeance (Infinite Crisis)

6. Frank Miller's Complete Sin City Library [Amazon.com Exclusive]

7. Serenity

8. Class Dis-Mythed SC

9. Bone: One Volume Edition

10. Watchmen (Absolute Editions)


1. Madagascar (Widescreen Edition)

2. Star Wars, Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (Widescreen Edition)

3. Arrested Development - Season Two

4. The Polar Express (Two-Disc Widescreen Edition)

5. Arrested Development - Season One

6. Friends - The Complete Tenth Season

7. The Oprah Winfrey Show - 20th Anniversary DVD Collection

8. The Sound of Music (40th Anniversary Edition)

9. March of the Penguins (Widescreen Edition)

10. Lost - The Complete First Season

Rock CDs

1. Confessions on a Dance Floor ~ Madonna

2. Born to Run: 30th Anniversary 3-Disc Set ~ Bruce Springsteen

3. Amarantine ~ Enya

4. Thanks For The Memory...The Great American Songbook IV ~ Rod Stewart

5. Rush - R30 - 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

6. Breakaway ~ Kelly Clarkson

7. Aerial ~ Kate Bush

8. 12 Songs ~ Neil Diamond

9. Green Day ~ Bullet in a Bible

10. American Idiot ~ Green Day

Toys and Action Figures

1. Star Wars Build Your Own Lightsaber

2. Mr. Potato Head Darth Tater

3. Star Wars Darth Vader Voice Changer Helmet

4. Batman Begins Deluxe Batmobile

5. Power Rangers S.P.D. Delta Command Megazord

6. Transformers Cybertron Leader: Optimus Prime

7. Mystery Machine Ghost Patrol (Scooby Doo)

8. Star Wars Episode III Battlepack Figures: Rebel Vs. Empire

9. Transformers Cybertron Leader: Megatron

10. WWE Adrenaline Series 14 Figure 2-Pack: Booker T vs. Eddie Guerrero

Last week's list.

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Vintage Marvel Comics house ad

Lifted from Fred Hembeck.

"V for Vendetta" posters: Two more new ones

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Will the character of Emma Frost (The White Queen) figure in "X-Men 3?"

The L.A. Weekly on "The Masters of Comic Book Art" touring exhibit and "10 Comics That Shook The World."

The New York Times reviews "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire."

Join the campaign to save "Arrested Development."

Folks at the DC Archives board (i.e. fans I trust) weigh in on Grant Morrison's "All-Star Superman." Haven't looked at it yet, myself.

And trustworthy fans at the Marvel Masterworks board opine on Dan Slott's new "Thing" solo series from Marvel.

An all-Krypto the Superdog issue from Dial B.

Former "Adventures of Superman" TV stars Jack Larson and Noel Neill make cameos in "Superman Returns."

"Lost" clues, "The Other 48 Days, season 2, episode 7

Official ABC recap:

The Other 48 Days
Air Date: 11/16/2005
We open on a gorgeous tropical island tableau, which feels like we're watching one of those beer commercials - until the tail section of Oceanic Flight 815 comes hurtling out of the sky and crashes into the water. That's when the chaos begins - flaming pieces of fuselage and injured passengers everywhere, just as in the very first episode. There are some familiar faces: Bernard, Libby and Cindy. We recognize Eko, carrying a young girl named Emma from the water as her brother looks on, terrified. And we recognize Ana Lucia, who administers mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in a desperate effort to save Emma, who coughs up water and cries for her mother. Ana Lucia promises Emma that she will see her mom again real soon - a promise that loyal viewers know will not soon be fulfilled, because this is Lost and these people have crashed on the very same island where our regulars have been stranded for 48 days.

As we watch those 48 days unfold from the viewpoint of these tail section survivors, we learn that their existence has been very different from the one we've seen so far. These people have been under attack and of the 23 that initially survived the crash, only four will make it.

The first attack happens at night, when they awake to a brutal struggle coming from the jungle near their camp. They run out to discover Eko holding a rock over the bodies of two strangers, his hands covered in blood. He falls silent at the murder, while Ana Lucia emerges as a leader. She examines the bodies to find they have no keys, wallets or shoes. These people were obviously here before them. And while they deal with the terrifying fact that they are not alone on the island, three other survivors go missing.

The survivors bury their dead, forage for food and water and fashion weapons as defense. But it does little to help them, because a second attack comes close on the heels of the first and this time, they take the children. Ana Lucia pursues the attackers and ends up killing one of them during a struggle. She searches the body and finds a list of names and descriptions of every person who has been taken thus far. Ana Lucia concludes that someone amongst them is an enemy. Evidence points to Nathan - who seems to spend a lot of time away from the group and whom nobody remembers from the plane. Ana Lucia takes it upon herself to dig a hole and throws Nathan inside in an attempt to find out the truth. But when Goodwin lets him out, only to kill him seconds later, we realize that Nathan was not the culprit and that Ana Lucia is literally sleeping with the enemy.

The group continues to move and come across a bunker with the familiar Dharma logo and a radio inside. Ana Lucia and Goodwin hike to higher ground to try the radio. And while they're hiking, we realize that Ana Lucia is engaging in an interrogation of sorts. It becomes a game of cat and mouse until Ana Lucia pieces together the puzzle and makes the one statement that definitively exposes Goodwin as an Other - he wasn't wet when he came out of the jungle. He was never in the ocean.

And for the first time we get the point of view of an Other - they take out the strongest first - the "good people" - and then the children, who he claims are better off now. Goodwin admits to killing Nathan because he knew that Ana Lucia would have eventually figured it out and set her sights on him. Ana Lucia lunges at Goodwin and a struggle ensues. Goodwin falls back onto Ana Lucia's spear, dead - which the observant few will recognize from Episode 205. She returns to the bunker and declares that they are safe now. Ana Lucia finally lets her guard down and has a well-deserved cry, while Eko breaks his forty days of silence.

And that's when our two worlds begin to collide as we catch up to present day: Boone's distress call comes over the radio, and Bernard responds with, "We're the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815"; Jin washes ashore, followed by Sawyer and Michael; Michael, Jin and Sawyer are thrown into the familiar hole; the Others take Cindy; and finally, the fateful encounter with Shannon in the jungle that ends in a deadly gunshot…

Observations and speculation:

* Goodwin's reference to "good people" could indicate the Others are some sort of cult with distinct opinions about different attributes or values. His comment about the children being "better off" hints at this too--the Others will do a better job of raising them than the community of crash survivors.

* The Peter Pan poster in Shannon's apartment depicted in the previous episode and just something about "Lost" children on a deserted island still makes me wonder if the Others are a society led by children--or of people who were children and grew up on the island. In this scenario, maybe adults who are "good people" are those who can do work for the child leaders of the Others.

* Speculation that comes up a lot, but still worth considering: are the Others descendants of the Black Rock's crew?

* Ana Lucia seems to have a military background. She recognizes the knife taken from one of the Others as one issued by the U.S. Army. Plus, she's very resourceful, capable in trying situations and knows how to use a gun. If she's a vet of the first Gulf war, there'll be yet more conflict between her and Sayid.

* If the knife is 20 years old, as Ana Lucia remarks, is there some sort of military involvement with the island and/or Dharma Initiative?

* Eko, on the other hand, is likely a pastor or priest of some sort. When he kills two of the Others defending himself, he is devastated, not speaking for 40 days. He also reacts strongly when the survivors find a Bible in Hatch-like shelter. He tells Bernard he'll pray that Rose is alive and ok.

* Posters at the 4815162342.com board have more thoughts on "40 days."

* We see the Dharma logo in the bunker very clearly this time. It's an arrow (not a Swan, as in the Hatch) surrounded by Chinese I-Ching characters.

* What's up with the glass eye found in the bunker?

* Goodwin seems to be as surprised as an of the survivors by the discovery of the bunker. Or maybe he's concerned that they've discovered it. But it seems more likely that the Others aren't aware of the Hatch or the bunker. If they were, they'd surely have raided the facilities and possibly killed or captured Desmond long before the plane ever crashed on the island.

* Apparantly the walking stick Eko made for himself is something to watch closely. The show's writers said it will provide clues. Possible spoilers. More speculation on what Eko is carving onto the stick.

* We know Ethan Rom is an anagram for "Other Man." How about Goodwin? Some possibilities: GOD I WON, GOD I OWN, DOWN GO I. Seems like the writers aren't really playing anagram games with his name, though. Maybe it's a reference to "Godwin's Law."

Other stuff:

* A couple of documents that've popped up on ABC's "Hanso Foundation" Web site:

* Screenshots from "The Other 48 Days."

* Screen caps from the promo for the next episode.

* Downloadable preview for the next episode.

* Promo pictures for the next episode.

See previous "Lost" clues.

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"Lost" preview season 2, episode 7: "The Other 48 Days"

* Preview for tonight's episode.

* Preview pictures from tonight's show.

* ABC's official press release on the episode.

Come back tomorrow for a recap of the show.

"Teen Titans" and "The Batman" DVD season 1 sets planned

The first season of "Teen Titans" and "The Batman" cartoons will be out Feb. 7. First season episodes from both series have already been released on individual DVDs, but this signals a move by Warner Home Video to release the whole works, season by season.

"V for Vendetta" poster unveiled

Here 'tis:

Marvel Legends Series 12 pictures

Action-Figure.com has just posted a bunch.

The lineup includes:

Bishop (Order from CmdStore)

Iron Fist(Order from CmdStore)

Astonishing X-Men Wolverine(Order from CmdStore)

Maestro Hulk (Order from CmdStore)

Sasquach (Order from CmdStore)

X-23 (Order from CmdStore)