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1970s Shadow merchandise

Here's something you don't see much of (and I don't recall seeing any of it at the time): 1970s toys and other merchandise based on the pulp character The Shadow. But, evidently, it existed and some of the items were made cheaply using molds and designs for Batman toys. See more here.


CW planning Deadman TV series

Such a cool concept and character. Hard to believe nobody's been able to develop a Deadman movie or series up until now:

C Comics' Deadman is heading to TV, with the CW network grooming the supernatural superhero as a potential replacement for the just-ended Smallville. Arnold Drake and Carmine Infanto created the comics series in 1967. It's centred on Boston Brand, a former trapeze artist murdered mid-act who, as a ghost, is given the power to possess people for crime-fighting purposes by a made-up Hindu goddess called Rama Kushna.
"Supernatural" producer Eric Kripke is overseeing the project.

Various Alex Toth comic book covers

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Entertainment Weekly cover and interview

Entertainment Weekly heralds Sarah Michelle Gellar'swelcome return to TV with a cover story about her new series, "Ringer."

She thinks her fans will like Ringer, a smart and sudsy thriller in which she plays twins: Bridget, an ex-stripper on the run from the mob and the FBI, who takes to living as her unhappily married Manhattan socialite twin sister Siobhan after witnessing her sibling’s (apparent) death. Mastering the masquerade means unraveling Siobhan’s wealth of secrets (like an affair with her best friend’s husband) and dodging a mysterious assassin. “Ringer is the perfect balance of what audiences want to see me do,” says Gellar. “It’s Cruel Intentions meets Buffy.”

We'll see, I guess. As a big fan of "Buffy," I really hope it's good, as SMG is a talented actress and fun to watch. But managing to star in two great TV series is a hard trick to pull off.