Pop Artifact! Major Matt Mason Week!

Pop Culture Roundup May 7, 2007

Vintage DC Comics house ad

More Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix pics

Today's video: "Shazam" live-action opening credits

The Closer DVDs

Coach DVDs

Cagney and Lacey DVDs

The 4400 DVDs

What I Like About You DVDs

Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet DVDs

Melrose Place DVDs

Girls Next Door DVDs

Pop Artifact! Spider-Man and Hulk puzzle

Pop Culture Roundup May 4, 2007

Vintage Marvel Comics house ad

Today's video: Final Spider-Man 3 trailer

Saturday is Free Comic Book Day!

Pop Artifact! Spider-Man activity box

Pop Culture Roundup May 3, 2007

Vintage Marvel Comics house ad

Lost clues: "The Brig" ep. 19, season 3

Review roundup: Spider-Man 3

Lennon tribute album benefits Darfur relief efforts

Today's video: Stan Lee on "To Tell the Truth"

New and upcoming action figures May 3, 2007

Pop Artifact! Spider-Woman sunglasses

Vintage Marvel Comics house ad

Pop Culture Roundup May 2, 2007

Lost May 2 preview

DVD: Bewitched Complete Fifth Season

Comics shipping May 2, 2007

DVD: Land of the Giants Complete Series

Today's video: The Marvel Superheroes Have Arrived

Vintage Marvel Comics house ad

Pop Artifact! Thor tricycle toy

Pop Culture Roundup May 1, 2007

Lost preview May 16 episode

DVD cover art: Space Ghost and Dino Boy, Birdman and the Galaxy Trio sets

DVD: Flash Gordon out Aug. 7

DVD new releases May 1, 2007

CD new releases May 1, 2007

Today's video: John Romita, Sr., draws Spider-Man