Return of the Joker van

Back in the 1970s Mego released a Joker van for the Clown Prince of Crime to tool around in. Now it's back! Via Bat-Blog, check out the 2009 model, which is part of Fisher-Price's DC Super Friends line:

Batman has a new set of wheels, too: The Hum-tastic Batman Adventure Vehicle.

And, for old times sake, here's Mego's orginal Joker Van. See lots more of this sort of thing at the DC Comics Fortress of Memorabilia.

Pop links: George Clooney meets Jack Kirby; Batman memorabilia; Dr. Seuss; new online Buffy comic

George Clooney may be doing a movie about the fake movie Jack Kirby did real storyboards for. It's complicated.


Blogs, blogs, blogs: Jon's Randon Acts of Geekery has launched The Batcave Trophy Room, a showcase for Batman-related memorabilia. And don't forget our own DC Comics Fortress of Memorabilia for lots of Bat- and other super stuff.


The Golden Age of Comic Book Stories showcases some Dr. Seuss art.


MySpace has zapped it comics division, meaning that the online Dark Horse Presents comics anthology was left homeless. Not for long, though. You can read the latest issue, featuring work by Gilbert Hernandez and a new Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Joss Whedon and Jo Chen, right here, on Dark Horse's own site.