Batcaves: What will $800 buy?

From Mego to Lego, various folks have made Batcave playsets and replicas (a fancier name for playset). But this must be the most elaborate to date: Factory Entertainment's "1966 Series Batcave Desktop Sculpture," yours for only $799.99.

The set includes LED lights, a "pulsating color change effect" for the cave's atomic power core, flashing lights on select monitors and screens, and a rotating turntable for the Batmobile (not included!).

Looks like fun, and look is all I can do.

Batman '66 action figures from Funko up for order

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Pop Artifact: Superman Colorforms set

Pop Pick: "Jonny Quest: Original Television Soundtrack"

Everything, of course, was cool about Jonny Quest - the characters, the look, the action, the whole kid-as-adventure-hero premise - but one of the coolest was the swinging soundtrack.

Now that music gets its due in a limited edition, 2-CD package from the excellent outfit, La-La Land Records. The set is packed with jazzy, exotic, adventure-filled themes and cues that will soundtrack any scenarios you can conjure in your head. Lots of crackling drums, brass stabs and grooving bass, with the occasional tabla and flute thrown in. Most of the music was composed by Hoyt Curtin, who also created music for "Top Cat," "The Flintstones" and other series.

A detailed booklet provides great historical background on the series and how the music was created. You can order the album here.