Cool stuff: New Batman Mego-style figures from Figures Toy Company

I love how super-specific these are to the 1960s TV series (plus the 1950s comics version of Batgirl). More info.

"Black Panther" featurette: "The Warriors of Wakanda"

Video find: 1960s "Mighty Thor" cartoon

Music new releases Jan. 12, 2018: Big Star; Denny Doherty; Main Ingredient; The Remains; Diana Ross; Dionne Warwick, more

Notable and new. Click the links to order from Amazon.

Pop Culture Roundup: Steve Ditko; superhero toys; Irv Novick; Dial B for Blog returns!

Via Marvel Mysteries and Comics Minutiae: Hidden gems in Marvel's reprint titles.


What do you know? One of the best pop culture blogs ever, Dial B for Blog, is back with a new post taking a look at the "Wild Wild West" comic book series.


Via The Fabulous Fifities: Several weeks of the 1940s "Cynthia" comic strip illustrated by Batman artist Irv Novick.


Via Plaid Stallions: The 1978 Azrak Hamway International Catalog.