Vintage Superman and Marvel Comics comic rack sign

New Music Friday: The Beatles; Jimi Hendrix; Charles Bradley; Marianne Faithfull

The Beatles (The White Album) [6 CD + Blu-ray]

The Beatles (The White Album) [4 LP]

The Beatles (The White Album) [3 CD] 

Charles Bradley - Black Velvet

Marianne Faithfull - Come and Stay with Me: The UK 45s 1964-1969

Al Green - The Hi Records Singles Collection

Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland 50th Anniversary Edition

Pop Culture Roundup: Hot Wheels stamps; Amazon wishbook; walkie talkies; Six Million Dollar Man

The USPS is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Hot Wheels with a series of new stamps. I love Hot Wheels.

It'll never replace the Sears Wishbook in my heart, but Amazon is mailing (really mailing) out a holiday catalog.


Walkie-talkies were so much more fun than texts.


The Six Million Dollar Man visits Toy "R" Us, 1974.