Time Capsule: Vintage ad for The Temptations "Runaway Child, Running Wild" - plus bonus video!

The Temps get real about today's scene, man. Single released on this day in 1969.

Coming Up: This Is Lowrider Soul 1962-1970

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Details from Kent Records:

The Mexican and central and South American immigrants and their descendants who originally settled mainly around East Los Angeles have had an affinity for sweet soul love ballads for many years. In recent times the collecting scene has intensified and spread to soul fans around the world who, already sympathetic to the music, were intrigued by the titles that were finding such favour among this very hip scene. Scene classics are provided by the Whispers, Barbara Mason, the Ambassadors, Brenton Wood and Lee Williams & the Cymbals, most of which are quite well known in Europe, too. More esoteric picks are provided by the Endeavors, Aesop's Fables, Jimmy Conwell, the Vows and the Interpreters. Being Kent, we suggested some previously unreleased masters to the selectors and they were knocked out to include the Lovers Bay Area-recorded 'When You're Poor' and the Billy Terrell, Ray Dahrouge and Tony Camillo-written-and-produced gem 'I'm Just Passing Time'; their inclusion has caused a buzz around the scene. 


1. Take a Step - Aesop's Fables

  2. Why'd You Put Me on - Bobbi Row & the Englishmen
  3. I Wanna Chance - the Vows
  4. Where Were You - Brenton Wood
  5. Second Hand Happiness - Jimmy Conwell
  6. 'Til You Come Back to Me - Lee Williams & the Cymbals
  7. Oh How It Hurts - Barbara Mason
  8. I Really Love You - the Ambassadors
  9. As I Sit Here - the Whispers
  10. One More Chance - the Four Tees
  11. No Doubt About It - the Esquires
  12. It's Not That Easy - Reuben Bell with the Casanovas
  13. It's So Hard to Break a Habit - the Webs
  14. Pretending Dear - the Lovelles
  15. Find Me - the Attractions
  16. Shattered Dreams - the Endeavors
  17. Be Kind to Love - the Interpreters
  18. When You're Poor - the Celestials
  19. Never Gonna Let Him Know - Debbie Taylor & the 4 Hesitations
  20. As Long As I've Got You - the Charmels
  21. Don't Forget About Me Baby - Jeff Dale
  22. I'm a Lonely Man - Bobby Burn Aka Bobby Wilburn
  23. Crying All By Myself - William Bell
  24. I'm Just Passing Time - Melvin Hicks & the Versatiles

Time Capsule: The Beatles' final live performance, Jan. 30, 1969

The Fabs climbed to the roof of their Apple Corps HQ in London on this day 50 years ago to perform a set of tunes captured by cameras for inclusion in the "Let it Be" film. It would be the last time the band played live in public.

New Comics Day: Wonder Woman; Steve Canyon

Our picks:

Diana is on a journey back to Paradise Island in search of rest and relief with her mother, Hippolyta, and the other Amazons. When fellow Amazon Leda attempts to take herself and Diana back to the dimension in which Paradise Island now exists, their journey goes awry and they end up on the world of Chalandor, battling black-hued beings called Shadowmen.
Just when they think they're safe, a Chalandorian craft lands and its crew intends to bring both Amazons back to their arena to fight as gladiatrixes. There they meet a fellow captive, a barbarian called Ranagor. Diana and Ranagor end up in the arena facing the gnarth, a vicious beast, but will they make it out alive? Find out in Wonder Woman by Walt Simonson & Jerry Ordway, collecting stories from these two legendary creators. Collects Wonder Woman #189-194.

Six white horses laid a President to rest as a nation wept, but Milton Caniff knew that a man-and a nation-must carry on. In these stories from 1963-64, the globetrotting Steve Canyon foils diabolical enemy plots in half a dozen countries. Steve goes undercover in Turkey, tries not to get clawed by his old "friend" Cheetah during an encounter in western Mexico, and tackles a communist plot in Africa. After being embroiled in a royal family feud in the fictional kingdom of Mahnay, Canyon has his first brush with military action in a small Indochinese country-Vietnam! Things are no quieter on the home front, as Copper Calhoon and Summer Olsen have it out, while cousin Poteet helps uncover a foreign agent planted at the 1964 World's Fair. It's action, humor, and mystery in the distinctive Caniff style in these never-before-reprinted daily and full-color Sunday comics.