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Pop Culture Roundup: Mary Tyler Moore; Jack Kirby, Spider-Man; Jim Starlin

You know that lady standing behind Mary Tyler Moore when Mary throws her hat into the air?


Would Jack Kirby punch a Nazi? Snopes checks it out.

Kirby's biographer and former assistant Mark Evanier also weighs in.


Remembering Spider-Man pinball machines.


DC is much more generous than Marvel when it comes to compensating artists and writers whose creations end up in their movies, according to cartoonist Jim Starlin.
"Just received a very big check from D.C. Entertainment for my participation in Batman V Superman, Dawn of Justice (Anatoli Knyyazev), much bigger than anything I’ve gotten for Thanos, Gamora and Drax showing up in any of the various Marvel movies they appeared in, combined. Guess I’ll finally have to sit down and watch the movie."

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Pop Notes: So long, Mary Tyler Moore

I figured 2017 wouldn't be any kinder than 2016 when it comes to losing our pop culture icons. The painful fact is, we're all getting older. Even our seemingly immortal idols.

This loss hits hard in our household. My wife and I have recently enjoyed watching "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" Hulu with our 13-year-old daughter. She's also a fan of "The Dick Van Dyke Show."

Despite some outdated gender roles ("DVD," especially) and atrocious fashions ("MTM," omg), both of the series hold up extremely well. It's fun to laugh out loud together as a family and, watching these shows, we frequently do. For the next little while, though, watching will be bittersweet.

It goes without saying that Moore was a masterful comic actress. A graceful dancer, she could pull off great physical comedy alone and/or in tandem with the rubber-limbed Dick Van Dyke. Verbal comedy as no problem, either.

She could be stern, silly, sad, sheepish, embarrassed, sly and everything in between, all to hilarious effect. She was a bemused straight woman to Ted Baxter and bumbling nervous wreck to Lou Grant.

She also received an Oscar nomination for her dramatic role in "Ordinary People,"and was a leader in the fight against juvenile diabetes. Plus, she acted opposite Elvis!

And incredible woman, she'll be greatly missed.

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